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21. Studying BA (Hons) Photography. This blog is for my work as I continue in to my 2nd year of Photography at Falmouth University. This blog is for what I am currently working on and the thoughts and ideas behind it.

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Work Placement

DAY 1: 
I have just completed day one of my six day work placement at Purdy Hicks Gallery in London, and I must admit, it has most definitely been an interesting one. I arrived promptly at 11am, getting off the tube at Southwark Station and was happy to find that the gallery itself was only 5 minutes walk away from the tube stop. After being shown around the gallery itself, which currently has the work of Finnish photographer Santeri Tuori up on display in the main gallery, and a combination of Susan Derges and a couple of paintings down in the basement,  I was then put in charge of pricing up domain names for Susan Derges, which would enable to gallery it

self to come up higher in a google search of “Susan Derges”. By then it was time to head over to Hampstead Heath to personally deliver a photograph by Anni Leppala to a buyer. By this point the rain was getting rather heavy, and my shoes were far from inadequate, which was not the most pleasant. Once returning to the gallery with rather wet feet but nicely full from a fully paid for lunch in Hampstead,  the collection of photography books and journals had to be reorganised, before I was sent off to Farringdon to pick up a Susan Derges print from Metro Imaging Ltd ready to be framed tomorrow morning. It’s been a busy day! 5 more days to go, and I must admit, if this is what’s out there for me past graduation, I am fully okay with this.

DAY 2:
Day two wasn’t quite as interesting as day one, unfortunately, but this is most likely due to the fact that I wasn’t travelling all over London - it’s far less interesting staying in one place! Being a two minute walk away from the Tate Modern, meant that I could visit the Tate before work, as an 11am start is hardly strenuous, so getting up a little earlier to be in the Tate at opening time was fine. Once I had got to work, it was my responsibility to buy all the domain names for Susan Derges that the gallery’s “computer guy” had recommended -, and a couple of others, which would result in the gallery coming higher up on google when someone searched for Susan Derges. I had to create an account with which is the website that I had previously recommended from personal experience, and purchase the names using the gallery card. Setting up a Pinterest account was the next step on the to do list.It was important to make sure we weren’t just using pinterest in the same way as the website, and I had to make sure that the images displayed were of an interesting angle, showing a variety of different works as well as portraits of the artists that we created boards of. It was also important to pin work from other users of Pinterest, in order to get us recognised. The dimensions and the type of print was displayed in the description, and the only actual prints of work that we used were images that hadn’t been sold yet.

In the afternoon I did a lot of wrapping of work that was ready to be sent off to buyers, as well as drinking many cups of tea I had been offered.

DAY 3:
Day three consisted mainly of putting addresses on the invitations to the next preview night and general exhibition (painter Alturo Di Stefano) - these addresses were for people all over the country, including Tom Hunter, Bettina Von Zwehl, Susan Derges, Eliza Bonham-Carter and several Earls, Lords and Ladies. Several cheques also had to be written. After work I walked to the tube station with one of the sculpturers Maria, who the gallery represent. Maria has a studio in the V&A, and is currently working on a project ready to be exhibited in May. 

DAYS 4, 5 & 6:
The last 2 and a half days were fairly similar to the other days, more wrapping had to be done, more invitation stuff to do, adding people’s emails on to the subscriptions to the newsletters online, and clearing out the cupboards full of old leaflets and various books from a huge collection of painters and photographers. On the Friday evening, tea and cake was to be had with the other staff members after all our hard work, and I got a huge thank you for my hard work, and I got ttold that I must visit lots. There is also a possibility that I could work back there in the summer if they need an extra hand. Overall it’s been a success! 

Tuesday evening was our exhibition preview night of our 24 hour studio prints which we created collaboratively with 5 other members on 2nd year BA (Hons) Photography. The evening went extremely well! Press and Ed Photography also had a few pages from their magazine 205dpi, and Marine and Natural History Photography had 5 of their prints up too. We had a dj playing, free wine and nibbles, and were lucky enough to have the Picture Editor of Vogue UK come to see the work, as well as Fashion Photographer and graduate Jenny Brough, celebrity photographer Harry Borden and a few other well known people. A huge success! Well done Falmouth! 
On Friday afternoon, I helped curate our latest exhibition in the Gallery up at Tremough Campus in Fal Uni. It was our group studio project that we completed in November, whereby we worked in groups of 6, and had 24 hours in the studio to make a set design (which we chose collaboratively). The images were not able to be edited post-production. The hanging went well! We finally discovered an easy way to get all the images straight! 
New self directed project:
For this new project which is taking place from now until our May assessments I am looking at macro photography, and creating imagery that is open to interpretation. Within this I am not only making images themselves, but then incorporating painting, and using either digital manipulation, or colour darkroom work with stencils to create images that have a sort of graphic design, modern, edgy feel to them. Here are 3 versions of image one. 

4 out of 6 finals for a project dealing with the environment and how we have changed the world that we live in due to industrialisation and consumerism. What are we doing to our planet? How does this affect our natural habitat? 

2 finals out of 6 for my self devised project, on the media and the ideals that it creates with its use of airbrushing, and how this affects people.

Messing around on photoshop


This is a digital maquette I made for our studio set project next week, where we spend 24 hours in the studio creating a scene, and we are pretty much able to do whatever we wish, as long as its risk assessed and we find the props to use. For this project, we are working in groups of 7, however everyone has to create a digital maquette with their own ideas to put to the table and then the most voted for idea is recreated.

My idea is a recreation of the painting “Lady of Shalott” - a pre-raphaelite brotherhood painting based on the legend “Elaine of Astolat”, a figure in Arthurian legend who dies of her unrequited love for Lancelot.

The first image is the day time shot to show the detail in creating the photograph (made from scratch using 7 or 8 images from google and flickr), the second is once I have added smoke and night time lighting effects - the second shot is how I would actually want the set to be.

Part of the same series of work -Been looking in to Body Dysmorphic Disorder which has been a little inspirational here, also The Picture of Dorian Gray.
This print is one of many, however I have realised that my favourite set of images are the portrait shots that I took first - watch this space for a whole new series.
Another edit of the same series of work
After experimenting with the editing on photoshop that I used to create my first 2 images, I decided that I wanted to add context to the images themselves. This photograph is a comment on the media industry and how images are manipulated to create the idealised image of the idealised woman - a photograph that makes us look twice and question the reality of what one sees in a magazine.(This photograph is in no way digging at the company that’s logo is written above… #pleasedontsueme)

For my first project in second year, I am looking at the media, and how it heavily influences the way we think, the way we behave and what it means to look beautiful. In this first photo shoot I have made a mockery of digital manipulation that magazines and advertisement heavily relies on - I have done the opposite of airbrushing, by enhancing flaws, adding bags under the eyes, yellowing eyes and adding various shadowing on the face.